Larrakia Woman Nicole Brown


In the type of place that attracts so many people from all over Australia - meeting someone who has been born & bred in Darwin is a real treat.

Nicole Brown is a proud Larrakia woman, who embraces, celebrates and showcases her culture at every opportunity she gets.

“It is important to me to emphasise the fact that my ancestors have walked this ground for thousands of years, their DNA is embedded in it, which gives me a great sense of direction knowing they are walking alongside me giving me strength, guidance and resilience on my own journey.”

And her journey in Darwin has been a great one. Nicole is currently the Business Development Manager for a multitude of businesses across a number of industries; Steeline GRP, NT Fasteners, and the Crab Claw Island Resort.Larrakia Woman Nicole Brown

“I love my job; it’s taken me a long time to find something I jump out of bed for in the morning. The variety of work keeps me on my toes, and I thoroughly enjoy the challenges that come with working across such diverse businesses.”

When we asked Nicole what her favourite thing about living in Darwin was, she told us she coulldnt answer… because there are too many! 

“The lifestyle, because where else can you be somewhere / everywhere in 15 minutes?I love the food - it’s been 37 years of loving Parap Markets! I love fishing on the weekend at Crab Claw Island Resort with my son-shine!

“To be cheesy, the smell of rain hitting a hot road, that epitomises Darwin for me, it’s my home.”

“Darwin is never far from my mind when travelling. You know you’re home when disembarking from a plane, the heat hits you. Going down the escalator at the Airport, visitors are welcomed with a sign referencing the Larrakia people. I love that people know whose country they are on. I know I will raise my family here with hopes they to choose to raise theirs in our beautiful vibrant city too!”